28.03 Reagent prediction with a molecular transformer improves reaction data quality by Mikhail Andronov and Varvara Voinarovska is published in Chemical Science

23.03 Grant Amendment was signed by EU. We welcome Pfizer and Chelonia as new partners of the project.

20-23.03 Fourth AIDD School took place in Aalto university.

15-17.03 AIDD fellows participated to BayesComp2023 conference at Levi

9.03 A team from HMGU won the 1st EUOS/SLAS Joint Challenge: Compound Solubility Challenge

8.03 On-line Seminar Alessio Fallani: "Extending 3D generative modeling of molecules with quantum-mechanical properties"

28.02 Fifth Newsletter was publublished. You can subscribe to Newsletters here

17.02 Lecture by Dr. Hyun Kil Shin "ToxSTAR for DILI prediction"

14.02 Article by Mikhail Andronov and Varvara Voinarovska is accepted in Chemical Science. Congratulations!

02.02 AIDD won a bid to organize ENNS ICANN2024 in IDSIA, Lugano, Switzerland to be co-chaired by Jürgen Schmidhuber and supported by other AIDD PIs

01.02 On-line Seminar by M. Andronov "Reagent prediction with a transformer and its benefits for reaction product prediction" and by J. Cremer "Equivariant Graph Neural Networks for Toxicity Prediction"

01.02 Mathias Hilfiker has started as new fellow at the University of Luxembourg. Welcome Mathias!


02.12. Public lecture of Vincenzo Palmacci at Bologna University "Drug Discovery and Cheminformatics: discovering new drugs in the Big Data era"

02.12. Several AIDD participants joined Thirty-sixth Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems were they presented their works

29.11 Chelonia has joined AIDD as a new associated partner to promote dissemination and outreach activities

25.11 Fourth AIDD conference will take place in Finland, 15-22 March 2023 (place and program will be announced soon)

17-25.10. Third AIDD conference took place at nice and a peaceful University city of Löwen

10.10 Program of Third School at KUL is announced

15.07 Open source OCHEM is published at

13.07 A tour through molecular representations in AI-driven drug discovery by Laurianne David

22.06 On-line Seminar "AIDD Codebase: a Framework for Model Integration, Collaboration and Sharing" by Emma Svensson and Peter Hartog (only to AIDD partners), 13:00

17.06 Fourth newsletter is on-line

08.06.2022 On-line Seminar "Contrastive Learning of Image and Structure-Based Representations in Drug Discovery" by Ana Sanchez-Fernandez

24.05.2022 First article with AIDD fellow Ana Sanchez-Fernandez is published in proceedings of ICLR2022 Machine Learning for Drug Discovery conference. Congratulations Ana!

19.05 Lecture "Latent-space Chemistry: Deep Learning for Drug Discovery" by Djork-Arné Clevert at "Simulation and AI in the Future of Science - Beilstein Bozen Symposium", Hotel Jagdschloss Niederwald - Rüdesheim, Germany

09.05-18.05  Summer School on "Advanced Machine Learning", Lugano, Switzerland

17.03 Alessio Fallani gave a talk "Towards the inverse design of molecules with targeted quantum-mechanical properties" at APS March Meeting 2022,

16.03. On-line Seminar on presentation of the paper "A survey of human-in-the-loop for machine learning" by Yasmine Nahal. The presentation is available here.

02.03 On-line Seminar "Computer-Aided Synthesis Planning Tools to Facilitate Experimental Engagement" by Dr. Amol Thakkar. The presentation is available here.

23.02 On-line Seminar "3D structure refinement" by Dr. Filipe Menezes. The presentation is available here.

27.01 On-line Seminar on presentation of the paper " Coarse graining molecular dynamics with graph neural networks" by  Andrey Mossyayev. The presentation is available here.


20.12 On-line Seminar. Samuel Genheden (AstraZeneca) gave a talk about AiZynthFinder. The talk is available on

09.12 The ESR3 position is filled.

08.12 On-line Seminar on presentation of the paper "Non-Autoregressive Electron Redistribution Modeling for Reaction Prediction" written by Hangrui Bi, Hengyi Wang, Chence Shi, Connor Coley, Jian Tang, Hongyu Guo. Mikhail Andronov presented the paper and answered all the questions. All fellows participated. 

09.11 ESR3 position is advertised on

05.11 The ESR3 position is reopened.

29.10 Hiking in Schliersee region. closing the School.

19.10-28.10 Lectures and workshop on HMGU Campus. Some of the lectures were given by Zoom.

18.10 The first School  is started. Welcome party in Biergarten Chinesischen Turrm in Muenchen.

07.10 The ESR1 position is filled

20.08 The ESR1 position is advertised on and

18.08 The ESR1 position is reopened. Announcement is published on

17.08 The ESR3 position is filled.

07.07 The ESR3 position is published on

30.06 Reopen of the ESR3 position

30.06 General Assembly meeting

31.05 first Newsletter is published, subscribe page is available on the site. 

25.05 Candidates are notified about the results of the interviews. 15 fellows were nominated to 15 ESR projects.

28.04 - 14.05 Recruitment meetings via a series of Zoom meetings are conducted.

18.04 Deadline for application submission, 260 submissions are received.

18.03 Positions are announced on Mendeley

17.03 Positions are announced on

17.03 Positions are announced on the LinkedIn

08.03 Positions are announced on the LinkedIn

02.03 Job offers on

24.02 ASCENION announces the the AIDD project

26.01 Kick-off meeting, introductory presentations of the Partners are below:

19.01 AIDD project is on Twitter

15.01 Job offers on

14.01 Project announcement on

01.01 LINZ announcement

01.01 Project started


24.09 Press release of Enamine

18.09 Press release of UPF

11.09 Press release of HMGU about the AIDD project (in English and in German)

24.08 The project is signed by HMGU and EU

08.06 The web site of the project is launched

26.05 AIDD project is selected for funding by EU